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Facial Slimming Massager Wo...

This Facial Slimming Massager Women V Shape Facial Lifting Device uses advanced microcurrent technology to help tone and firm skin. It features five different massage modes for customizing massage intensity, allowing you to target and shape your facial contours more effectively and quickly. With regular use, this device can visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your face, leaving you with a more youthful and radiant complexion.五


1. The EMS electronic pulse stimulates the muscles to face the face, guiding the muscles of the original uplift to smooth;

2. Multi-frequency pulse Megatron, improve the optimized line and realize the three-dimensional contour face;

3. Lift up and remove the striatum to move up the fat, lift the apple muscles, eliminate the masseter muscles on both sides, and remove the law lines;


Basic product parameters:

Battery: CR2032 button battery

Material: ABS+silicone

Weight without packaging: 123g

Size/size with color box: 25*9*3.5cm, 0.24kg

Weight without color box: 90g

Package Content:

1 x Facial lifting device , battery, silicone face-lifting patch, lanyard, gel sheet, manual, color box (optional)

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