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Highly Sensitive Hidden Cam...

Never worry about being tracked again with this Highly Sensitive Portable Detector! It's the perfect defense - anti-positioning, anti-monitoring, and anti-camera capabilities - so you can rest easy knowing no one can follow your every move. Stay a step ahead with this must-have tracker zapper!

Product information:

Alarm mode:Audible alarm
Detection frequency band:10MHz-5GHz (MHz)
Model number:AK400
Scope of work:0.1-6 (m)
Operating voltage:5 (V)
Overall dimension:91*37*13 (mm)
Weight:36 (g)

Detection mode: infrared detection
Alarm mode: sound or vibration
Purpose: anti-recording, anti-stealing, anti-video, anti-positioning, anti-theft

Packing list:

1*Infrared detector

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