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Infrared LED Light Photon T...


1.Infrared Hot Compress Therapy Expand pores through hot compress, remove toxins to promote skin absorption of nutrition, stimulate collagen secretion, activate collagen fibers, and reduce facial wrinkles. 2. Blue light mode for acne removal, Red light mode for flat wrinkle skin. 2 lights work together for comprehensive skin care. 3.Strong V-Face Shaping Result Can effectively fix the face contours, make the face smaller and smoother. 4.TENS physiotherapy and micro current are adopted to enhance cell activity, promote muscle movement, accelerate blood circulation, enhance fat metabolism, which can pull the face for a slimmer, smoother and firmer face line.


1. Our battery is 1000 mAh, it can work continuously for eight hours when fully charged, and it can work for one and a half hours in heating mode. 2. It is recommended that you use it twice a day. The time for one use is 10 minutes, and we have an automatic power-off function. It will automatically power off after ten minutes. 3. 25-30 hours continuous use without heating, 2-3 hours continuous use with heating 4. It can be used normally without using a silicone sheet. It is recommended to wipe the two metal sheets in contact with the face first with wet tissues, and to keep the face moisturized better. 5. The silicone can be used 60-70 times, and the protective film must be put back after use. 6. It will stop automatically after turning on without touching the face, and will automatically shut down within 10 seconds.

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