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Laser Hair Removal Device

The LESCOLTON Laser Hair Removal Device provides fast and effective laser hair removal for both men and women. It is equipped with two laser heads and a powerful adapter, plus an eye shield and an easy-to-understand manual with both English and Chinese translations. Enjoy smooth skin with LESCOLTON's safe and reliable laser technology.

Accessories: power adapter + eye shield + 2 laser heads + Chinese and English manual + user manual

Specification: 22.9x19.1x9.3CM

Epilator principle

The principle of the hair removal instrument is mainly to use the laser to let the hair follicles enter the dormant period, so as to achieve the purpose of no longer growing hair. Currently there are household hair removal equipment and professional medical hair removal in the hospital. Note that laser hair removal is not allowed on scars and moles, otherwise it will be dangerous.


Use of treatment

     Use once every 4-5 days in the first month, once every 7-10 days in the second month, and once every 15 days in the third month. Only use the place where there is hair after three months, usually one month once. After being scraped off, the hair papillae and hair follicles are burned, and the hair that is severely undernourished grows slowly until it falls off. The hair removal speed is different in different parts. Generally, one part of the hair starts to shed hair 3-8 times!
     After using the laser 3 times (about 12 days), some hairs start to fall off. You can try plucking with tweezers and gently plucking. Some hairs do not have any pain and can be pulled out by root. Do not pull out the painful hair that cannot be gently pulled out, and let it grow for a period of time before the laser can fall off by itself.



Precautions after hair removal: keep the skin supple and moist


After Hair Removal Care Method 2: After the hair removal, the skin tends to become dry, let alone in autumn, so the work of moisturizing must be continued. Because the skin is fragile after hair removal, however, the selection of moisturizing products must be very careful, try to choose natural ingredients, hypoallergenic formula, clear and soft moisturizer.



 Note after hair removal: Avoid direct sunlight


After Hair Removal Care Method 3: The skin should not be exposed to sunlight after hair removal. Ultraviolet rays can directly damage the hair follicles for a second time. It is difficult to easily produce melanin and cause garbage deposition, so small black spots will grow. Although sun protection is required, sunscreen must never be used. Try to stay indoors and use some physical sun protection methods.



 Note after hair removal: reduce the use of whitening products


After Hair Removal Care Method 4: The skin is fragile after removing hair. Try not to use too much skin care products. Many MMs love to use sunscreen. Actually, this is not possible. If you want to whiten the skin, there are many ways. Choose some natural whitening methods, such as white vinegar whitening method. Add a small amount of white vinegar to the bath. Can play a natural and safe whitening effect, and can also suppress hair growth.



 Note after hair removal: Avoid spicy foods and keep your diet light

Care method after hair removal 5: Pay attention to diet after hair removal, try to eat some light foods, avoid spicy and irritating foods, and some susceptible foods, such as seafood. Must eat more fruit,

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