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New Touchable Audio Input C...

Experience a Whole New Level of Music Creation with the Revolutionary Touchable Audio Input Concert


Immerse yourself in the groundbreaking world of touch-based music creation with the innovative Touchable Audio Input Concert. This cutting-edge device revolutionizes how you interact with music, transforming your fingertips into instruments that can effortlessly generate melodies, harmonies, and beats.


Unlock a World of Creative Possibilities


The Touchable Audio Input Concert breaks down the barriers between traditional instruments and digital music creation. With its intuitive touch-sensitive surface, you can directly control the flow of music, shaping soundscapes and bringing your musical ideas to life with unparalleled immediacy.


Effortless Creation for Every Skill Level


Whether you're a seasoned musician or a complete beginner, the Touchable Audio Input Concert is designed to empower everyone to express their creativity through sound. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to grasp even for those with no prior musical experience.


Unleash Your Inner Musical Genius


With the Touchable Audio Input Concert, you're no longer limited to traditional instruments or software. Its groundbreaking technology allows you to create music in a completely new way, tapping into the boundless potential of your imagination.


Key Features:


Touch-sensitive surface for direct control of music creation

Intuitive interface for easy use by musicians of all skill levels

Versatility to create a wide range of sounds and music styles

Portability for music creation wherever you go

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Product information:
Body material: transparent acrylic
Input voltage: 48V
Arc length: 0 ~ 8cm
Size: 39*90 * 90mm

Packing list:
Host X1PCS Power supply X1PCS Accessories X1PCS Instruction X1PCSdata:text/mce-internal,rte__editor,%3Cimg%20src%3D%22https%3A//


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