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Pet Cat Brush Dog Slicker B...


With 162-degree curved 2 heads and 8.9-degree leaning bristles, this dog cat brush perfectly fits the body line of your pets and naturally fits the shape of their spines, providing an extremely good experience of grooming.
This cat dog brush is a negative ions pet brush with negative ions emission point in the middle of its two heads, which can continuously emit negative ions to neutralize the frizz effect and reduce the hassle of static electricity, making the grooming and de-shedding process more smooth.

2 Heads
Negative Ion Pet Brush
Gentle to Skin
Self Cleaning
Daily Pet Brush

Product information:

Product category: Fur care
Material: ABS+ soft glue
Specifications: [Anion - Blue], [Anion - Gray], [Anion - pink], [Blue - Blue], [Blue - Gray], [Blue - pink]
Function: Remove floating hair, protect hair and nourish skin

Packing list:

Comb *1+AA battery *2

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