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Pet Products LED Luminous D...

1. This product can be turned on or off manually, which is simple and convenient.
2. The batteries are interchangeable and convenient.
3. Three flashing modes, which can be set and selected arbitrarily.
4. The continuous lighting time is up to 40 hours, the lighting time is 49 hours, and the wiring harness has a long service life.
5. The material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, harmless to pets.

Product information:

[Name]: LED Luminous Chest and Back-Double-sided Chest and Back without Picture

[Material]: Ribbon PP + Buckle ABS + Light Guide Optical Fiber Strip 

[Luminous color]: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink and white (white ribbon) colorful (white ribbon) except that the luminous color of seven colors is consistent with the ribbon color 

[Luminescence Principle]: LED lamp emits light-guiding light through optical fiber

Size information:

XS code: Suitable for chest circumference 30-35CM, ribbon width 1.5 CM;
S code: Suitable for chest circumference 32-37CM,ribbon width 2.0 CM;
M code:Suitable for chest circumference 38-46CM, ribbon width 2.5 CM;
L code: Suitable for chest circumference 46-55CM, ribbon width 2.5 CM;
XL code: Suitable for chest circumference 62-68CM , ribbon width 2.5 CM

Packing list:

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