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Skin Care Tools Acne Spot P...

Treat acne and reduce blemishes with our Skin Care Tools Acne Spot Patch. This innovative invisible sticker will discreetly protect, hydrate and heal blemishes without leaving any mark. Its special formula helps diminish the appearance of acne and restores smoother, clearer skin. Use it for fast, convenient spot treatment and effective results.

Acne patch anti-acne principle
1:Acne formation
2:Stick a clean acne patch and begin to absorb acne secretions.
3:The acne patch forms a protective isolation layer to reduce the chance of contact with external pollution.
4:Care to Help Recover

Hydrophilic artificial skin dressing. Isolate pollution and protect wounds. Provide a nourishing environment and accelerate wound healing.
0.1MM, Breathable fog surface, makeup can be invisible

Special purpose cosmetics: No
Size: 100x168mm
Gross weight: 8g

Package Content:
1 * Acne 36 stickers


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