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Facial Lifting Tightening D...


Experience the pinnacle of luxury in skin care with our Facial Lifting Tightening Device Beauty Machine. This technologically-advanced tool produces microcurrent iron vibrations to rejuvenate skin and remove wrinkles, while providing heated and LED photon therapy for a more vibrant complexion. Enjoy a spa-like facial massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and looking beautiful.It produces up to 10,000 cycles of heating and cooling for effective and safe skin treatments. It helps to reduce wrinkles, scars, and dark spots with minimal discomfort.

Size: 215*72*61mm

Six core functions
1. Micro-current: relieves and gently irritates the skin and promotes APT production.
2. Acoustic vibration: massage reaches the dermis layer, and the lifting effect is better.
3. Warm massage: stimulate skin movement, double the absorption of skin care essence and nutrients.
4. Iontophoresis deep penetration: through the positive and negative ions cross-electrolytic nutrition, so that skin care products penetrate the bottom layer of the skin
5·LED red light function: skin iron uses red light beauty, increase muscle bottom elastic protein to make skin Q elastic and smooth
6. Multi-purpose machine: The body of the face, the skin absorbs skin care products in many places, and the skin is shiny and elastic.
Micro current glows skin energy
Micro-current is characterized by acting on muscles, soothing warmth and stimulating muscles, and promoting the production of APT, which is essential for muscle-producing collagen synthesis. APT is a key substance in the production of collagen. Micro-current massages the face, speeds up the production of collagen, and makes the lines of the face clearer, thus achieving the effect of tightening the face.
What kind of micro current is effective?
Below 100 mA: I don't feel the current, basically no effect, it is a physical massage. (basically invalid)
Below 500 mA: no current is felt, the effect is minimal, and the hold time is short. (very small effect)
Above 1000 mA: The effect of the current can be felt, the lifting effect is remarkable, the tightening effect is longer, and the maintenance time is longer. (good effect)
Face: 1st gear is about 1250 mAh, and second gear is about 1590 mAh.
Body: about 1590 mA in the first gear and 1920 mA in the second gear.
Sonic vibration massage: instead of traditional manual massage and physical massage, (300 times per second) sonic vibration massage gives the skin a soft shock to let the skin enjoy a full-body mass service.
40° high temperature massage: stimulates collagen and makes the skin tissue move.
42° intelligent temperature control: open the pores and open the pores quite to absorb the door.
 Iontophoresis, deep penetration
Let the skin care products nowhere to escape, all in deep skin. Ion grounding, handheld beauty instrument. The instrument forms a circuit with the human body. The positive and negative ions cross-electrolyze nutrition, so that the skin care products can penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, revitalize the radiance and inject energy into the skin.
LED infrared function: soothes and stabilizes the skin during massage. Reduces "noise" for the skin and calms the skin's various emotions.
LED red light effect: Skin iron uses LED light beauty to increase skin's elastic protein and help skin Q elastic. (red light ≈ 630NM)
One machine dual purpose
(The skin absorbs skin care products in many places, and the skin is shiny and elastic)
Facial: Lifting firming massage.

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