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Double-sided Heated Gloves

Description: Using fiber heating wire as the heating material, wash it directly by hand, dry it in a cool place, and do not expose it to sunlight or dry it. Heat on the palm and back of the hand=double sided heat, and it must be connected to the power supply to generate heat. Remove it without heat (gloves do not have electrical storage function)



Suitable for:
1. Office work. Civilian work such as document processing, telephone hotlines, bank counters, etc;
2. When working, playing games, chatting, watching movies, listening to music, etc. on a computer;
3. During warm-up classes and homework for primary and secondary school students;
4. When watching TV at home, chatting with family and friends, and playing cards;
5. Areas that require working, studying, and living indoors, but have insufficient heating and air conditioning;
6. All other people who need heating in autumn, winter, and spring;


Packing list:
A pair of gloves+ usb cable


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