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Eyebrow Trimmer Set

The Eyebrow Trimmer Set provides precise and even trimming for perfectly sculpted brows. Its blades are made of durable stainless steel, making them long-lasting and difficult to dull. This trimmer set is the perfect tool for creating the perfect brow shape and has been designed for maximum accuracy and control.

Product Information:

Color: random color*5PCS
Hotspot: easy to use, easy to control, easy to trim eyebrows


1. First shave the stray hairs on the eyebrows
2. Shave the eyebrows diagonally
2. The skin under the eyebrows is weak, so be careful when trimming stray hairs
4. After eyebrow trimming, you can rub some moisturizing cream on the surrounding skin


Packing List:

Eyebrow trimmer set*1=5PCS


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